John Smith’s gain naming rights of Huddersfield Stadium

John Smith's naming rights to Huddersfield stadiumFrom the beginning of August 2012, the home of Huddersfield Town FC and the Huddersfield Giants RLFC will change its name to The John Smith’s Stadium.

This will be the third name change in the stadiums 18-year history, following previous sponsorship deals with construction company Alfred McAlpine and pharmaceutical company Galpharm Healthcare.

The deal marries one of Yorkshire’s best-known beer brands, John Smith’s, with two of its most progressive up-and-coming teams and will last five year’s in total, capturing both teams at the height of their success in the last few decades.

In the announcement, which was made by Kirkless Stadium Development (KDSL), Gareth Davies, managing director of KSDL, said: “Not only is stadium naming the highest profile commercial partnership that KSDL has, but we have secured a truly blue chip company, with a very well known brand, readily recognised by consumers nationwide. John Smith’s is also very appropriate for the sporting and conference and banqueting activities that are the mainstay of the stadium.

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