Strongbow debut ‘Earn It’ campaign this week

Strongbow Earn ItStrongbow cider is set to launch a new series of adverts as part of a new campaign which will feature the ‘Earn It’ slogan for the first time.

The multimillion pound campaign is set to air on the 30th of April, with sneak previews available from the 27th of April for fans of Strongbow cider who have joined the official Strongbow Facebook page.

A sneak preview uploaded on YouTube shows smart-suited men stood beside a broken down van in an image reminiscent of the popular Hollywood blockbusting film, The Hangover.

Lucy Henderson, Brand Manager for Strongbow at Heineken, said: “We have evolved the campaign this year from a ‘Strongbow Hard Earned’ message to a more universal territory of ‘Earn It’. The ‘Push it’, execution takes Strongbow into a younger, more aspirational territory, while still ensuring that the brand stays true to its humorous personality.”

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