Strongbow team with Tough Mudder for EARN IT strategy

Strongbow is set to sponsor Tough Mudder, the masters of hardcore obstacle courses, this weekend as part of its new ‘EARN IT’ strategy created by RPM.

The new strategy is designed to target broader and younger consumers, ‘Tribal Drinkers’, by positioning Strongbow as the reward for ‘blokes who step up to epic challenges’.

RPM’s Strongbow brand activation at Tough Mudder’s six two-day events includes a cool pint of Strongbow at the bar to reward participants as they cross the finish line, plus a giant 10-metre EARN IT statue.

Michael Gillane, brand director for ciders at Heineken, said: “The aim of the EARN IT participation platform and the new advertising is to encourage our target audience to leave their comfort zone and face life’s everyday challenges. In doing so, we will deepen brand engagement and connect with Strongbow loyalists on a more meaningful level.”

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