Vladivar Vodka run Chesney Hawkes home visit competition

Vladivar Vodka Chesney Hawkes competitionHave you ever fancied a personal visit from the one and only Chesney Hawkes? Well, with Vladivar vodka’s latest Facebook promotion you can do just that.

The ‘Hawke’s House Call’ competition is a celebration of Vladivar vodka’s collection of great flavoured vodkas, which includes Raspberry & Vanilla, Lemon and Lime and Apple and Pear.

With the help of Vladivar vodka, you could win your own personal visit from Chesney Hawkes who will come armed with enough Vladivar flavoured vodka to make a wealth of delicious cocktails and a microphone so that you can sing along with the man himself.

To sign up and stand a chance of winning the prize, simply pop down to the Vladivar vodka Facebook pageand follow the instructions once you’re there.

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