Digital Bytes: Shortlist launch playable cover

Welcome to FWM Digital Bytes, where we discuss all the biggest digital marketing and digital media news doing the rounds. This week Shortlist magazine features a playable cover, Google’s search dominance slips and Barack Obama wins the election…and Twitter.

Shortlist and Blippable team up for playable cover

Shortlist and Blippar have taken augmented reality to the next level an unveiled a playable magazine cover. Users just have to download the Blippar app and hover their iPad over the latest issue of Shortlist magazine to play retro video game Chuckie Egg. “We’d been planning a gaming special for ShortList which celebrated retro games as well as new releases, and thought it would make for an exciting magazine first if people could somehow ‘play’ our cover,” Shortlist editor Martin Robinson explains. “Having seen Blippar’s work with sister title Stylist’s Olympic edition and recent Estée Lauder and Bailey’s cover wraps and ShortList’s Skyfall interactive commercial cover wrap, ShortList decided to partner with Blippar to achieve the world’s first playable gaming cover.” Inside, the magazine has a feature about the top 20 retro games and further opportunities to Blip and play. launch Rembrance app

Geneaolgy website has unveiled a Facebook app that gives users a way to remember those who lost their lives in the First World War. Users can upload stories about their relatives who fought in the conflict to the Hall of Heroes or leave a short tribute and for every story they recieve, will donate £3 to the British Legion (for every tribute, they donate £1). The app was posted last year and attracted 10,200 tributes, but Kelly Godfrey, senior digital marketing manager for, is hoping to exceed that figure this year by extending the app’s presence. “It’s important to ensure that the app has longevity and provides the opportunity for people to remember the heroes – military and otherwise – in their family tree at all times of the year,” she explains. “With this in mind, whilst we have launched the 2012 Hall of Heroes in the run up to Remembrance weekend, after the 12 November it will be a permanent fixture on the Ancestry Facebook page, allowing people to share pictures, stories and tributes about their courageous ancestors all year round.”

Google’s search dominance slips

Google’s share of the UK search market has dipped below 90% for the first time in five years, new stats have revealed. Experian Hitwise have discovered that during October 89.33% of all searches conducted in the UK were done through Google, with the rise of Microsoft’s bing, which now accounts for 4.71% of searches, the cause of the slip. Experian stated: “Clearly, Google still maintains a huge competitive edge over the other search engines in the UK market. There are 18 times more searches conducted on Google Sites than on all the other search engines combined. However, this is encouraging news for Microsoft as bing once again starts to gain some momentum and traction in the UK search market.”

Tumblr tops 20 billion pageviews

Tumblr has passed the 20 billion page views per month figure and is now among the top 20 most visited sites in the US. This figure has increased from 13 billion in September, though it’s some way short of the tally posted by Facebook, which attracts around 1 trillion page views a month. Tumblr CEO and founder David Karp said the site’s success is down to a growing smartphone market and his passion for the site. “Good products are built by people who want to use it themselves,” he said, citing Apple’s Steve Jobs and Instagram’s Kevin Systrom as other examples. Tumblr was founded in February 2007. Over 77 million posts are made a day across 79 million blogs.

Four more years and 500,000 RTs for Obama

Shortly after gaining re-election on Tuesday, Barack Obama achieved another milestone: he composed the most retweeted tweet in history. His message, which comprised of the words ‘Four more years’ and a picture of he and First Lady Michelle Obama hugging, was retweeted over 500,000 times in the aftermath of the result. At time of writing, that figure is at over 540,000. The tally far outstrips the previous record of 215,000, which was set by American restaurant chain Wendy’s. It wasn’t just Obama’s feed that was popular though; Twitter as a whole was frantic on election night as the site hit a peak of 327,452 tweets per minute during election hours.