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FWM Bytes Digital NewsAt Fast Web Media, we have been scouring the news over the last 7 days to find out what’s gone on in the digital and online world. This week we talk about Google Plus Business profiles, Adwords Express and the digital fever that is fanning the Olympic flames…

Google+ brands

With some 20 million unique visits to Google Plus in its first few weeks, many marketers keenly leapt onto Google’s social networking platform with gusto. Google had stipulated that brands should not create user profiles, but rather wait for Google+ business pages to be rolled out. But despite this, many brands started to create pages in the first few weeks, which are now being deleted by Google.

There has already been a furore over Google deleting user accounts which have violated the terms of service (such as being under 13 and using false names), and the Internet giant deleting these accounts is an attempt to keep a tight rein on the growth and direction of their new social tool. Google’s Christian Oestlien recently updated that the overwhelming response of business and charities to sign up to the testing of Business profiles meant that they have accelerated their programme to allow brand profiles to be used by everyone. So watch this space!

Adwords Express

And from social networking, we turn to Google’s key revenue generating product, AdWords. Google has recently launched a new service specifically designed to help beginners and small businesses tackle paid advertising online. Google launched AdWords Express where Google are offering to take over the management of the account. Similar to Google Boost which was rolled out at the end of 2010, AwEx incorporates elements of local search through Google Places.

Google PPC already accounts for 96% of annual revenue and this new product is specifically designed to draw in small businesses. Although only currently available in the US, many in the digital industry will question whether AdWords Express will pose much of a threat to PPC agencies? AwEx may be valuable in helping small businesses with fledgling digital marketing experience, it is likely that expert marketers with the necessary skills in PPC campaign optimisation and management will be needed in the long term.

One Year To Go

A year today (27th July), the 30th Olympic Games will get underway at London’s Olympic Stadium, and as you can tell from these pictures from Getty, the capital is slowly but surely preparing itself for the country’s biggest sporting event since Euro 96. We here at Fast Web Media, especially those in our London office, already have our Wenlock and Mandeville plushies at the ready, and not just because of the smorgasboard of sport that’ll be heading our way next summer.

The four years that have passed since the Beijing Games in 2008 have seen a huge number of developments in digital, and this means that the London Games are likely to be the first-ever digital Games in Olympic history. Already Twitter is alive with Olympic fever, with an estimated 162,000 tweets covering the Games being sent over the last month alone, while the IOC recently gave athletes permission to blog and tweet during proceedings, as long as the messages are not of a commercial nature.

But it won’t just be the Twittersphere that London 2012 dominates. Whether you’re on a tablet, mobile or PC; Google Plus, Facebook or Twitter, there’ll be a way to keep up with the Olympic goings on for every platform and every service, and because of that, there’s more than just national and Olympic pride resting on London’s shoulders. These games will be eyed with great interest by sporting bodies the world over, who’ll use it as a test case for digital implementation in their major events. If it’s successful, expect digital sport to change for ever. And for the better.

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