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FWM Bytes Digital NewsThe Fast Web Media crew have been keeping our eyes peeled, ears to the ground, noses to the grindstones and fingers in pies to find out what’s been happening in the digital and online world. This week we talk about the new Facebook ads API launch, which medium marketeers think is better for mass reach – TV or digital – why are Spotify being sued, and which are the best beer ads of all time…

Facebook has launched Ads API

Earlier this week, Facebook released an official API (programmer’s tool kit) for their Adverts. The system has been in private beta since 2009, where a handful of developers were allowed to create, acquire, and run complex ad campaigns on the social network. This global roll-out gives companies programmatic access to Facebook’s advertising platform, enabling the construction of tools that create and manage campaigns in bulk, track ad performance and implement bidding strategies as well as more streamlined A/B testing. This sophisticated new tool has the potential to raise Facebook ad functionality to a level more on par with Google AdWords. How these changes will impact on user’s Facebook “experience” will take some time to understand.

TV vs Digital

Econsultancy teamed up with Adobe to survey marketers on their view of TV vs Digital centred around the controversial statement that “if you want to reach the masses, you still have to use television”. As the world of online media increases at an almost exponential rate, the emphasis on other forms of media is waning, as evidenced in the recent struggles of print media. The report has some interesting stats, and generally concludes that the majority of marketers disagree with the statement that you have to use TV to reach the masses. However, some other interesting figures are worth a mention; in particular that the majority of marketers (42%) are neutral considering whether brands are defined by what customers say online. Considering the online customer voice can be an extremely powerful tool, it is interesting to note that such a significant number are yet to be convinced by the importance of monitoring what consumers are saying about brands via digital channels. Do you think brands will be increasingly influenced by consumer conversations online in future? Let us know by leaving a comment below…

Spotify are being sued

Land of the free. Home of the brave. And filled with a population that is certainly not law-suit shy! Spotify was launched in the US in July after being eagerly anticipated for some time. It lasted two weeks before a law suit was filed against it by Packetvideo, claiming that Spotify’s service violates its intellectual property patents. A huge success internationally already and with many dedicated Spotify fans here at FWM, we’ll be curious to see how this pans out in the courts. This episode serves as another twist in the on-going tumultuous drama that is the legal mine-field of online music streaming services.

Don’t cry – it’s just one of the best beer ads ever

FWM are proud to be part of the Coors Light Jean Claude Van Damme campaign, which has been recently listed by Brand Republic as one of the best beer adverts around. His videos have peaked with almost half a million views to date, but have you seen Jean Claude’s latest tearful video…

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