FWM Digital Bytes

Fast Web Media Digital NewsWould you watch the footy on Facebook? What the top 50 websites in 2011? How is Obama bringing change to Foursquare’s fortune? How will Android be boosted by Google’s acquisition of Motorola? So many questions! Let’s start by looking closer to home in this week’s FWM Bytes…

Manchester digital dominance over?

Manchester has long been regarded as a creative hot spot in the UK, but with agencies outside the North West scooping clients too, questions have been asked over a possible shift in dominance. Manchester is home to some great digital agencies, but a growth in competition can only benefit the industry. With MediaCityUK in Salford almost ready, we would suggest that there is nothing but growth in the Manchester’s creative industry.  There is a growing demand for jobs in the area with the experience of working for a Manchester based agency a massive attraction. Fast Web Media continues to attract exciting and demanding briefs from big name clients which shows that Manchester’s digital agencies have a great future. Want to work for Fast Web Media? Check out our current vacancies.

Google buys Motorola

Google have announced they have acquired communications technology giant Motorola in a deal that will surely be a massive boost to their Android mobile operating system. Motorola will continue to run as a separate business and Google have committed to run Android as an open platform. The US$12.5 billion takeover is one that will be of major interest to Microsoft and Apple as Google look to close the gap on its rivals. It will be interesting to see whether users choose Google’s Android system, which will be the recipient of improved user experience, over Apple in the long term. Will the acquisition of Motorola give Android the ‘supercharge’ that Google are hoping for?

Obama checks in on Foursquare

Barack Obama has just checked in at The White House’ – it’s something that we could be seeing as the US President joins location based social network, Foursquare. Obama, famed for his use of social media during his time in office, will be checking in so people can now track his movements and get historical information about the place itself. He automatically becomes Foursquare’s most high profile user and gives a boost to the company which has 10 million worldwide users. Foursquare allows users to check into various places while businesses can also have a presence and offer deals or ‘rewards’ to users who check into their venues. Take up of Foursquare in the UK hasn’t been anywhere near the scale of other social networks, but will the arrival of the President give it publicity it so desperately needs to fight off the challenge of Facebook Places?

Top 50 websites

We’re sure you have come across some great websites over the last year or so catering for the various needs in your life. Time magazine has gone as far to compile a list of the top 50 websites of 2011 and categorised them – a nice guide if you’re looking for further inspiration for the remainder of the year.

And finally… the FA Cup live on Facebook!

The first game of this season’s FA Cup will be aired live on Facebook. The game between Ascot United and Wembley FC will be shown on Budweiser UK’s page on Friday 19th August – the first time a live football match has been shown on the social network. Is this the future of broadcasting? How will this impact Facebook advertising? The opportunity to advertise to an audience for 90 minutes to a fixed audience will surely be a great opportunity.

How do you think the Facebook community will respond?