FWM build Corona Party Playlist app

Fast Web Media has built a new app for Corona that allows users to create and share Spotify playlists via Facebook.

The Corona Party Playlist app allows users to set up a Facebook Event and invite friends to attend. A Spotify playlist can then be created with the organiser and their friends contributing to it.

The app takes advantage of Spotify’s API to allow users to search for and select their favourite tracks within the app. Once on the playlist, tracks can be voted either up or down the list.

Should a track receive enough negative votes, the person who selected the track can make their case for it by clicking ‘PLEA’ and writing a message to convince their friends it should be part of the playlist.

Playlists can be changed at any point up to 24 hours before the start of the event, and the event can be shared to particpants’ Timelines.

The app will be developed further in the future, with Fast Web Media currently working to add functionality that shows Corona stockists in the locality of the event venue.