In The News: FWM at the UK Search Conference

Fast Web Media Director of Search Tom Smith was at the UK Search Conference at the Commonwealth Club in London on Wednesday (23rd January) to discuss weatherFIT.

The Search website has a quick round-up of what Tom, and other speakers at the event, had to say.

“Tom was talking about applying ‘weather thinking’ to PPC ad serving. He gave an example of £577m being withdrawn from ATMs during one hot day as people headed to the pub; another example was search volumes for water pistols shooting up (no pun intended) when it was a sunny day. He also gave an example of WeatherLift working out there was a negative correlation between demand for sunglasses when there was cloud cover.

“Fast Web Media ploughed through five years’ worth of data to work out correlations between demand for a lingerie client and weather conditions in different parts of the country.

“Tom referred to a study by David McDermott, on the subject. One of the conclusions from this study was that the higher the temperature, the less inclined people are to buy online but the more they are likely to spend (contrary to what you’d think would be the case). They could even work out exact optimal temperatures for online demand for particular product sets.

‘Products have an optimal temperature.’

“That was an interesting learning point. I’d never really considered the impact environmental conditions can have on a buyer’s behaviour, but it makes a lot of sense, of course.”

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