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In The News: weatherFIT featured on State of Search

weatherFIT is the focus of a post by Bas van den Beld on respected SEO website State of Search.

The article covers Fast Web Media Director of Search Tom Smith’s talk at the UK Search Conference on Wednesday (24th January), and goes into detail on how weather can affect sales.

The post reads:

“The weather has impact on what people do online. You can see trends around what sells during different weather conditions.

“Heatwaves, for example, make people withdraw more cash, because they want to go out for drinks. Google Insights shows that water pistol searches increase when it gets warmer. The problem: the weather isn’t the same everywhere. It is very difficult to control that. So they built weather fit for their client Bravissimo.


“weather conditions play a big role in how people behave online. It can really make a difference of when you play on this. It is also another example of how taking a closer look at the actual user will give you so much more insights that your marketing efforts are much better.”

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