In The News: weatherFIT in Moz Blog

Moz-weatherfitThe Moz Blog is an extremely respected blog in the world of Search Marketing- in fact; most of us at Fast Web Media are avid readers and turn to the blog to learn about best practice and to find great case studies.

A recent article in Moz Blog written by Bridget Randolph shared some really comprehensive tips for marketers wanting to make the most of their mobile website. Of course, with the growth of mobile usage, most brands will have a mobile website, or a responsive website that adapts to whatever screen it’s being viewed on. But there’s so much more to it than that, and brands need to understand that mobile isn’t going anywhere and in fact as Bridget put it “mobile isn’t separate anymore. In some ways, it’s just another “browser”, and we need to test and optimize to create content for it just as we would for any other browser”.

Within the article, Bridget talks about mobile Search and mentioned our PPC tool weatherFIT as being a viable option for marketers who want to improve the relevancy of their online ads and better connect with their audience.

The article is very informative, and full of handy tips and case studies to learn from, but don’t take our word for it, read for yourself!

You can find the full article in Moz Blog.