Animée Beer launches brand new Facebook page

Molson Coors has launched an online marketing drive for its Animée brand which includes a Facebook page set to attract the "crucial" female sector.

Animée launches with FWM help

Fast Web Media has helped Molson Coors Brewing Company with the launch of their new beer brand by building a new website for the company.

Not digital – Molson Coors debuts ‘feminine’ beer ads for Animée

Molson Coors has launched the first advertising for Animée, the new beer it is targeting at women.

Not digital: Molson Coors ‘prepared to fail’ with new beer launches

Molson Coors is working with a “small number” of pub chains to launch its female-friendly Animée beer brand, and Carling Chrome.

Molson Coors announce female targeted beer, Animée

Molson Coors are aiming to work its way into the untapped female beer market with the launch of Animée.