Digital Trends 2016: #4 Social Media Channels Adapt

Social Media marketing has been around for over a decade now, so it’s definitely marked its place within the digital marketing realm. However, that doesn’t mean social media marketers can rest on their laurels, as this side of marketing has proven to be continually changing, with new channels emerging constantly, and those established ones like […]

Google+ Split into Photos and Streams: What You Need to Know

Google Plus has split into photos and streams but what do you need to know? Is this the end of Google Plus? We don't think so, read on to find out more

Social Takes On YouTube for Video Supremacy

Facebook and Twitter have both launched native video, but can they really take on video giant YouTube? What do marketers need to know? Find out on our blog...

New Year Resolution: Set up Google Places and Google+ Local for Your Business

This year, make one of your New Year resolutions to increase the visibility of your business online through Google Places and Google+ Local for your business.

FWM’s Top 10 Digital Trends for 2015 #2: How to Write Right

The Content and Social Media landscape is set to change in 2015, so this trend looks at how the two elements will work together. Read more...

Tumblr: Aren’t you missing an ‘e’?

At the start of the social revolution, things were so simple. There was Facebook, there was Twitter and, well, that was about it. If a brand was on at least one of those platforms they were ‘social’ and ready to let those precious likes and retweets flood in. Then things changed. Google created its own […]

Case Study: Amplifying content and generating traffic through Reddit

If I were to mention Reddit to you, your mind would probably race to images of online obsessives posting ‘hilarious’ memes to something called a subreddit at two in the morning. In fairness, you’d be right. Reddit is a hotbed of the weird and not-so-wonderful of internet culture, and careful consideration should be given before […]