Google’s AMP: A Run Down

With mobile now representing 65% of all digital media time according to ComScore, and with smartphone ownership expected to surpass desktop ownership by early 2017, users are consuming enormous amounts of news on their mobile devices. Despite this adoption, for many exploring the web on a mobile phone can be a slow and difficult experience. […]

Using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Google’s paid search results have been through quite some changes so far this year. With the removal of the right-hand listing on desktop SERPs and the changes to the PPC ad format, not to mention the impending ad format changes, getting your ads in the search results is becoming increasingly challenging. In this article, we […]

FWM Digital Trends 2016: #1 Getting in the Micro Moment

We have finally reached the number one spot in our Digital Trends 2016 and we have allocated this special place to ‘Moment Marketing’, a topic we believe will be extremely important in 2016. Ever found yourself in need of a quick burst of information about a product or service while out and about? The chances […]

Digital Trends 2016: #4 Social Media Channels Adapt

Social Media marketing has been around for over a decade now, so it’s definitely marked its place within the digital marketing realm. However, that doesn’t mean social media marketers can rest on their laurels, as this side of marketing has proven to be continually changing, with new channels emerging constantly, and those established ones like […]

Hyundai’s Augmented Reality Guides, Google+ New design and Pinterest Promoted Pins

This week in Digital Bytes: Hyundai creates augmented reality guide; Google updates the look of Google+; and Pinterest gets set to launch Promoted Pins in the UK.

Google brings Tweets into Search Results, Ralph Lauren’s Smart T-shirt and William Hill’s Football Campaign

This week in Digital Bytes: Google has embedded tweets into desktop search results; Ralph Lauren showcases smart t-shirt linked to fitness app; and William Hill launches a new football campaign.

Coca-Cola Trials Beacons, Facebook Overtakes Google as Top News Source and Samsung Unveils New Smartwatch

This week in Digital Bytes: Coca-Cola tries out beacons as it explores location-based marketing; Facebook overtakes Google as the top hotspot for online news traffic; and Samsung unveils details of its new smartwatch.

Is Google Taking Over Social Media?

Google is now incorporating Twitter in to mobile search results in an attempt to produce richer and more real time rankings. Learn more about this update on our blog...

Digital Bytes: World Cup Campaign Uses French Fries

Welcome to FWM Digital Bytes, where we discuss all the biggest digital marketing and digital media news. This week our post focuses on the launch of Meantime Brewing Company’s app, Google’s creative exhibition and McDonald’s World Cup campaign using French fries. Meantime Brewing Company launches Blippar app Meantime Brewing Company has created an augmented reality […]

Digital Bytes: Sainsbury’s and Google launch first voice recognition banner ad

Welcome to FWM Digital Bytes, where we discuss all the biggest digital marketing and digital media news. This week our post focuses on iBeacon technology in the retail industry, Google’s launch of premium video ad exchange and Sainsbury’s Food Rescue campaign with first voice recognition banner ad. Karl Lagerfeld, Armani and Hamleys to target consumers […]