The Role of Social Media in The US Presidential Elections

With the dust settling on three of the most captivating and widely publicised live election debates, the time has come for the American public to vote their faith into one candidate. Whether you are in favour of Hillary Clinton’s “Stronger Together” campaign, or Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” spiel, there is a good chance […]

Digital Trends 2016: #4 Social Media Channels Adapt

Social Media marketing has been around for over a decade now, so it’s definitely marked its place within the digital marketing realm. However, that doesn’t mean social media marketers can rest on their laurels, as this side of marketing has proven to be continually changing, with new channels emerging constantly, and those established ones like […]

FWM Digital Trends 2016: #5 Beyond Search and into Social

When social media platforms emerged on to the digital landscape, it was revolutionary. It provided a digital space where brands and consumers could interact and be very transparent with their thoughts and opinions on a global scale. It started one-to-one conversations between brands and consumers for the first time. Our prediction for 2016 is that […]

Nescafe’s move to Tumblr gives us a latte to think about

Nescafé moved its digital presence from its website to its Tumblr page which has certainly stirred up some conversation around the importance of websites. Check out our article for the insights...

Star Wars: The Marketing Awakens

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Is Google Taking Over Social Media?

Google is now incorporating Twitter in to mobile search results in an attempt to produce richer and more real time rankings. Learn more about this update on our blog...

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Sofa Sunday 2014: The Trends

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Tumblr: Aren’t you missing an ‘e’?

At the start of the social revolution, things were so simple. There was Facebook, there was Twitter and, well, that was about it. If a brand was on at least one of those platforms they were ‘social’ and ready to let those precious likes and retweets flood in. Then things changed. Google created its own […]