Growth Hacking or Digital Marketing? A Growth Hacking Intro

‘Growth hacking’ is a term first coined by Sean Ellis in 2010 and is now one of the hottest topics in global startup culture. At its core, growth hacking is the process of micro testing and reacting to data with the view of achieving explosive growth. It is common in startups and small businesses looking […]

FWM Digital Trends 2016: #2 Internet of Things Devices

We live in a connected world as a result of both evolutionary and revolutionary developments in technology. Although the “Internet of Things” has featured on our top 10 predictions in previous years, we predict that in 2016 we will see the emergence of the “Internet of Things” making a transition into an established and expected […]

FWM Digital Trends 2016: #3 Connected Cars and Their Impact on Search

We’ve reached number three in our list of top 10 digital trends for 2016 and this one is arguably one of the most intriguing on our list. 2016 is going to witness many auto manufacturers launching cars with connected car solutions such as Android Auto, Apple Car Play, and Windows for Car. These solutions aim […]

FWM Digital Trends 2016: #5 Beyond Search and into Social

When social media platforms emerged on to the digital landscape, it was revolutionary. It provided a digital space where brands and consumers could interact and be very transparent with their thoughts and opinions on a global scale. It started one-to-one conversations between brands and consumers for the first time. Our prediction for 2016 is that […]

FWM Digital Trends 2016: #6 Transforming the Purchasing Process

Consumer decision making behaviour and their purchasing journeys are becoming more and more complex each year. This makes it ever more difficult for retailers to capture consumers’ attention as the purchasing path is distributed through multiple devices and time slots. We predict that the traditional consumer purchasing journey will get even more complicated next year […]

FWM Digital Trends 2016: #7 Interactive Content

Here at Fast Web Media we are seeing a rising trend in interactive content pieces throughout the web and our increase in inbound enquiries suggests that this is only the beginning; this innovative form of content is set to continue to grow throughout 2016 and beyond. Interactive content, such as apps, assessments, calculators, configurators and […]

FWM Digital Trends 2016: #8 The Rise of Mobile Payments

Traditional payment methods and the way consumers spend money is constantly changing. With the growth of innovative technology and changes in consumer behaviour, mobile payment solutions are an essential element for retailers to adopt and will have a great impact on businesses in 2016. 2015 was a big year for mobile payments – it saw […]

FWM Digital Trends 2016: #9 Game Changing Marketing Automation

For the second consecutive year, marketing automation is featured in our Digital Trends to look out for in the year ahead, this year taking the number 9 spot. Marketing Automation isn’t a new phenomenon that has appeared out of the blue, it has been around for many years but seen as only something the financially […]

Top 10 Invaluable Digital Business Elements from The University of Salford

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